Bookkeeping services & Accounting Outsourcing to India, is the best management strategy tool to offload the burden of critical non-core Functions through outsourcing so as to manage them in a more efficient, productive and profitable manner. This will not only help you to focus on core functions, but will improve your bottom line significantly up to 70% by way of saving in labour cost and overheads.

India is the best option for you to outsource your bookkeeping, accounts, and finance Function. India has the largest pool of best people talent in the world. Over 4 million postgraduate and graduates are added annually to the talent pool. India has a young demographic profile having 60% of its population in the age group of 24-26 years with excellent English language skill. India’s share in Global Outsourcing market has risen to 55%.

We, at Aeren, provide end-to-end bookkeeping & accounting outsourcing Services. We leverage our tenets of quality and innovation and deliver tangible and measurable value. Our customers save up to 70% on operational cost with enhanced productivity by up to 40%. We have a large pool of best talents having Indian CPA, Commerce and Finance Background and are provided with continuing financial and accounting education training.

We have also been serving Global 2000 companies across diverse industries in other Verticals that include Yahoo, Google, and take pride in building strategic long-term value based relationship.

How Does Online Bookkeeping Work
You Send us the Source Docs
Secured login to online accounting software
We update your books
We give you updated books
How Does Remote desktop Bookkeeping Work
You Send us the Source Docs or access to folder in desktop
Connect to your Remote desktop (via VPN setup or Third party or Go to my computer)
We update your books
We give you updated books
Why Outsourcing
  • Focus on Core business and Off-load non-core functions
  • Cost Saving of more than 70% and enhanced productivity and efficiencies up to 40%
  • No Capital Expenditure
  • Access to World – Class technology at lower rates
  • Continuity in Finance and Accounting Functions
  • No fear of leaving Employees
  • Flexibility in managing peak workload
Multiple Software Support